One World Government

I had a friend I thought was very intelligent, funny, all those things you look for in a friend, until I tried to talk to her about my political views and fears for this country. Instead of hearing me out, she ridiculed me, made fun of my fears, and, in short, made me feel like I was less than she was. And she wonders why we are no longer the good friends we used to be.

I tried to have her watch Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore. She and her husband tore it apart saying it was nuts. But one of these days this world is going to smack her and her husband right between the eyes and she won’t see it coming. I’m sorry about that, it isn’t like I didn’t try to tell her.

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Scenes from the movie Zeitgeist – watch it free…

I wrote down some of the excerpts from this short video clip. Here they are.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The NY Times, Time Magazine and other great publications who have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years.

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

The supra national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller
Private Banker
Council on Foreign Relations

Power Corrupts. And absolute power corrupts Absolutely!
Lord Acton
English Historian 1834-1902

N. Rockefeller speaking to Aaron Russo 11 months before 9/11 “There’s going to be an event Aaron, We are going to go into Afghanistan so we can run a pipeline from the Caspian Sea, we are going into Iraq to take the oil and establish a base in the middle east, and we are going to go into Venezuela and get rid of Chavez.” The first two they have accomplished! Aaron was also told “that military soldiers were going to go into caves looking for men they were never going to find.”

N. Rockefeller was LAUGHING ABOUT THE WAR ON TERROR! IT IS A HOAX, A RUSE! “It is a war that can never be won. It is only a means to continue to dissolve the freedoms of the American citizens.”

When Aaron asked HOW they were going to convince people that the war was real, N. Rockefeller stated, “By the media! The media can convince anyone that anything is real simply by saying it over and over again and eventually people will believe it.”

When Aaron asked what the point was for doing all this was, N. Rockefeller said, ”What do you care about the people for? Just take care of your family.”

Aaron Russo asked what the ultimate goals were?

1) To have everyone implanted with the RFID chips.
2) To tie all the money to those chips
3) To tie all medical records to those chips
4) To make it impossible for a person to exist without one.
5) Anyone protesting what is being done will have their chip turned off and they will cease to exist.

In 2005 Congress, under the pretense of Immigration Control and the War on Terrorism, passed the Real ID Act.

Did you get that? The NYTimes, Washington Post, Time Magazine and OTHER news media have been involved with this from the beginning and for OVER 40 years!!!!!

Our Congressmen, Senate leaders, Presidents and Vice Presidents have been involved. And only those whose views fit in with the Bankers views get to be President and Vice President. The Media is nothing more than their puppet  spouting whatever they want you to believe. I’ll bet you even believe in Global Warming too! Ya, more fear mongering.

Do you wonder why President Bush hasn’t been charged with Treason yet? He lied to the American people to get us into a war with Iraq, a war in which NO DECLARATION OF WAR HAS BEEN MADE, NO RATIFICATION BY CONGRESS, ETC. THIS WAR IS ILLEGAL! Yet the President has not been charged with High Crimes. Why? Because he is a good little president and follows exactly as the Bankers want him to and does as he is told!

I know my friend is happy with her head in the sand.  But I could never live that way.  And while it is easy to be made to disappear, I’ll add my voice to other voices and maybe together we will start to be heard.


~ by justmytruth on February 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “One World Government”

  1. Hello Bethany,

    Zeitgeist points out that the Bible seems to have been copied from texts that are much, much older. And while you may not agree with it, it doesn’t make it untrue. There is also a prophecy that says this is the next to the last Pope, that the Catholic church will be exposed for the fraud it is. Where did that come from?

    with the language the bible was written in, most anything can be made from its chapters to show that it speaks of the future. There is also ample evidence that Jesus was not a real person but one made up of several people from his day. Read the book the Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold.

    As for Zeitgeist being a movie and movies and such being used to influence us, well, you use the media that will reach the people. Duh… Sorry. People watch movies, they rarely read anymore.

    I really do thank you for posting your views. Please stop by again and do so.

  2. Interesting thing about Zeitgeist…

    The entire first third of the movie states that the bible is based on nothing but constellations, the sun, and the zodiac in general. Basically discrediting that Jesus ever existed and the Bible is not really based off of him, yes? Yet.. the end of the movie states that the government is working towards chipping us all and forming a one world government. Interesting how the bible this movie claims to debunk already predicted these chips and the one world government. It ALSO predicted men coming against the bible, just like Zeitgeist did.

    Moral of the story: nothing zeitgeist says is something that wasn’t already known.

    Zeitgeist also speaks of how the media (movies, tvs, radios, magazines, ect) control us and we should do anything we can to basically avoid all this in order to increase our intelligence. Zeitgeist is a movie, is it not? While the bible, which Zeitgeist did NOT discredit, already predicted everything Zeitgeist said, and is NOT in the form of a movie. Seeing as Zeitgeist discourages any form of media, it should include itself as part of that media, thus making the bible a far better source to go to for TRUTH.

  3. Hello there,

    First, on your issue of it not addressing the 10 Commandments and such, it actually did, along with every other religion that has had any standing. Watch it again. You will see. You will find that the movie states that the 10 commandments were taken from directly from another much older religion. Most of the religions are copies of previous religions.

    As for what went on between Rockefeller and Russo, I wasn’t there so I cannot attest to the authenticity of the movie. However, Aaron Russo was a man of integrity. He did try to warn people and that is all anyone can do.

    Again, with the RFID chips and the one world government, if you control the food, the money, and no one can buy or sell anything without your permission, if they can’t even exist except you make it possible for them to do so as the chips and numbering system would do, how can you not control everything? Just because we can’t imagine it today, doesn’t mean it won’t be true tomorrow.

    I don’t want any of this to happen, but sticking my head in the sand won’t make it go away. And there are talks now about SPP. You tell me, another European Union in the making?

  4. Hi,

    I recently watched the movie Zeitgeist on and found it quite interesting. I have a few things to say which I hope you the author take in to consideration – just for fun.

    I’m not a Christian but I find that arguments against Jesus were very interesting. Most people just blame other aspects such as that the translation are bad, or that the Bible was written after Jesus, but this video took an interesting spin on the issue of authencity. I wonder how other religions, if at all, fall under this view? I mean “correlation does not equal causation” is the mathematical term I want to bring up. In end, the video fails to address other religions. With regards to Christianity, who’s fooling us all? Assuming its fake. I mean if its all astrological who took the time and effort to figure this out and write about it? – The gospels?

    I don’t think this video convinces me that Christianity is a lie or something. Fine maybe the facts surrounding Jesus may be fake [virgin birth, etc.] but what about his message? What about the ten commandments? Weren’t these things unique? I understand that this video can’t talk about EVERYTHING but I want to ensure that people keep a realistic perspective when watching this video.
    Regarding what Rockefeller said to Mr. Aaron – could this me true at all! I mean lets think. This video presents a one-sided argument very thoroughly. [[E.g. when talking about religion being fake they had to talk about some people believing in the earth being 12,000 years old and dinosaurs as fake. But lets think why they put these facts in there? Simply to convince you that religion made people nuts. I can point out many Christians and other people who do not believe this, but yet these nutty people were introduced in to the movie!]] Sorry, got a bit off-track. Any ways when Rockefeller talked to Aarron can we truely believe Mr. Aaron? If I commited murder or won the lottery you think I’m telling any one? I might tell trusted friends but I think its important to examine this “relationship” more thoroughly.

    Finally, the one world government argument. As a Canadian I’m terrified about the North American Union but I’ll have to learn more still. The idea of the implants scares the hell out of me because it’ll supress people. Yet there’s always one argument people fail to remember in the One World Government Argument and thats -> how can one government TRUELY control EVERYONE! I mean factions, divisions will come about under this 1 government. Even the military might controlling the people may just dissolve in to factions. You think everyone in the military and politics are just going to get along? But the chip idea may complicate revolutions but ultimately if many people side with one group revolutions happen and we can kiss the one world government idea – bye bye.

    Basically I want to say its nonsense to believe this stuff all together without an open mind investigating other facets of the argument. In end, I find the movie highly provactive. And like CMO said I’m waiting to see if we go to war with Venezuela/Iran/ and for fun I’ll say Cuba.

    Any thoughts on what I said email me.

  5. Oh, I have seen the video. It is on this site somewhere in one article or another or on the side. I can’t remember which. Then type in Zeitgeist and see what you get. Enjoy!

  6. i’ve been reading about this and researching it lately. if the war was real than i would be all for it but i dont think it is and it can never be won. i guess that it is just to high of a risk to take. i agree with you and you can also watch this video… just google one world government and click the second vidoe. its with aaron russo and he talks about rockerfeller. i am waiting to see if we go to war with venezuela to determine my final thoughts.

  7. I hear you and am with you! I refuse to go into the night of this country without so much as a light to guide me. For those that continue to stick their heads in the sand, the day is coming when they will wish they had looked around them. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Great piece!!!! I’m appalled at how sheepishly the people are acting. I’m appalled at how easily they believe the lies. I’ve joked for years that there must be something in the water, and I’m starting to believe it. I also now see why more and more cities are starting to ban bottled water!

    All we can do is try to expose this crap and get the word out, and while we’re at it, prepare ourselves for survival. I for one will not go out without a fight, I will not submit to their control!

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